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New app developer and Portsmouth alumnus Gus Ward tells us a bit about himself and his new app Slider

  • 06 March 2020
  • 2 min read

We asked new app developer and Portsmouth alumnus Gus Ward to tell us a bit about himself and how he came up with the idea for his app Slider.

I went to the University of Portsmouth when I was 22, so a couple years later than most. I took a BEng (Hons) in Computer Engineering and graduated in 2015 with a 1st. It completely changed my life and allowed me to pursue a career that I really enjoy, I'm massively grateful for that.

I applied for three jobs prior to starting final exams, and had interviews for each. I was lucky enough to actually be offered two of them so I started working almost immediately after finishing exams.

I'm now 27, and have worked as an Android Developer in my current job for three years. I have written Android apps for some of the biggest tourist destinations / heritage sites in the UK, including St Paul's Cathedral, Aintree Racecourse and Highclere Castle.

My biggest challenge however, was creating an app for 1,600 custom Multimedia Devices at Westminster Abbey - these are now being used every day by thousands of visitors. I'm quite proud of that!

You can’t really throw yourself into a job this geeky unless you love it, so writing apps is also a big hobby outside of work.

Slider was an idea I had while on holiday when thinking about how I’ll show my photos to friends and family when I got home. I didn't really want to post all of them online forever, but I did want to show them to a few people and have a chat about them.

The app solves this problem by allowing you to create albums about holidays, events, progress or anything. When you want to show an album to people that you’re with, you can invite them by sending the link Slider provides. Upon opening the link the first photo from the album appears on their screen and as you slide through the album in the app, the photo also changes for all viewers at the same time.

Everyone is always on the same page, so you can have a real life conversation about the "holiday/event/progress/anything" while sharing the photos in real time, instead of an online keyboard conversation.

Viewers can be on any platform (Android/iPhone/PC), they don't need to have the app to be able to view, and Slider can handle as many viewers as needed.

Slider is available for download from the Google Play Store.


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