The Centre for Counter Fraud Studies (CCFS) and the Department of Accounting and Finance (DAF) at the University of Portsmouth held the 2013 Counter Fraud and Forensic Accounting Conference on Tuesday 4th June in the Portland Building.


  • Welcome
    Professor Lisa Jack, University of Portsmouth
  • Advanced Cyber Defense: Cyber Fraud Preventive Framework for Businesses
    Azeem Aleem, Senior Manager – Advanced Cyber Defense Practice EMEA | RSA, The Security Division of EMC
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  • The Counter Fraud Profession: Past, Present and Future
    Andrew Whittaker, Senior Manager, BDO
  • Contemporary perspective upon the investigative interviewing of fraud suspects in England and Wales
    Dr Dave Walsh, Research Director, University of Derby
  • Is a Fraudster corrupt from birth, or do they develop into the role?
    Simon Scales, MIPI MCMI MSyI
  • Profile of a Household Insurance Fraudster
    Dean Blackbourn, Research Fellow
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  • Tackling Fraud and Corruption in the Former Soviet Union 
    Alexander Gaft, Head of Investigations fro the Eurasian Natural Resources Company
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  • “False Identity Documents – A crime enabler” - An introduction to clandestine ID forgery factories and their impact on crime
    Russ Middleton, Delmont- ID Ltd
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  • Can organisations influence how we apply professional scepticism?
    Kevin Sharman, Chief Finance Officer, East of England NHS
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  • Decision making in (i) investigations; (ii) when disclosing evidence in interviews, and (iii) when judging investigative interviewing skills
    Dr Dave Walsh, Research Director, University of Derby
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  • FALI: The Analysis of User Input Stored on Volatile Memory of Windows Computer Systems
    Dr Funminiyi Olajide, Lecturer
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  • Twenty-first century food fraud 
    Glen Taylor, Head of Coroners and Scientific Services, Hampshire County Council - Scientific Services
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  • OhHi’s Facial recognition technology could be the Holy Grail in the fight against Identity Fraud
    Mathew Silverstone, OhHi CEO
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  • Industrial and Corporate Espionage: Can it be a crime?
    Chris Freeman, South Cambridgeshire District Council
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  • Stemming the tide: Reducing Healthcare Fraud in the US
    Martin Tunley, Senior Lecturer
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  • 2013: Year of the Snake – New Trends in Cybercrime (and How Criminals Launder the Proceeds). 
    Darren Hodder, Vice President, Cyber Fraud Intelligence CSCSS / Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science
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  • The World is our Laboratory: Corruption in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    Dr Graham Brooks, Senior Lecturer
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  • The Management of Corruption of Fraud in Football in England
    Arjun Medhi, Operations Manager, CIFAS
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  • The Nature and Extent of Housing Tenancy Fraud
    Alan Bryce, Head of Counter Fraud
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  • The Real Cost of Staff Fraud
    Professor Mark Button, Director of the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies
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  • DWP’s Response to Internal Fraud – A Proactive Response
    Keith Dutton, Operations Manager & Mike Youatt, Investigations Manager, DWP
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  • Occupational Fraud
    David Shepherd, University of Portsmouth, PhD Student
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  • The Cartography of Communications
    Steve Kelly, Senior Executive, Advanced Data Analytics BDO LLP
  • Fraud and Corruption in British Politics - An Ex Insiders Perspective on Reform
    Rt. Hon Bruce George

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