The Centre for Counter Fraud Studies (CCFS) and Portsmouth Business School Accounting Group (PBSAG) of the University of Portsmouth were pleased to hold their 2018 conference on Wednesday 6 June in Portsmouth.

Presentations given

  • Dr Rick Muir, Director of the Police Foundation, the UK’s Independent Policing Think Tank - Title: Improving the response to fraud.

  • Mr. Jim Gee, Chair of the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies and Partner and Head of Forensic and Counter Fraud Services, Crowe Clark Whitehill – Title: Cybercrime and Fraud – Facts of life but you don’t have to be a victim

  • Laura Eshelby, Head of Counter Fraud Professionalism, Cabinet Office – Title: Developing and Implementing Standards for Counter Fraud in the UK government.

  • Simon Scales, Head of Investigations (EMEA) – Title: “Is there “Any Interest” for “AI” within Fraud and Corruption Investigations?”

  • Mike Betts, Head of Learning and Skills for the City of London Police Economic Crime Academy – Title: ‘The Policing Response to Fraud - Evolution not Revolution’

  • Sue Mortimer - Title: ‘Nazi Gold’ - The Hunt for Hidden Assets from the Holocaust at Swiss banks: Behind the Scenes at a Complex Forensic Accounting investigation.

  • Ross Beaven, University of Portsmouth - Title: Dishonesty on the Darknet: An Observational Study on Bitcoin Fraud Found on the Onion Router.

  • Nicki Deeson, International Finance Director, Amnesty International – Title: Fraud survival story.

  • Alan Bryce, Head of Development and Operational Intelligence, Charity Commission - Title: Charity Fraud – What do we know, and what do we need to know?

  • Dr Branislav Hock, Lecturer, University of Portsmouth – Title: Bundling in Foreign Bribery Cases.

  • Peter Stiernsted, University of West London - Title: Swedish corruption - the rise and fall of an uncorrupt nation.

  • Musa Balazakari, Prosecutor, ICPC Nigeria and PhD candidate Criminal Justice, University of Portsmouth - Title: ‘Countering Public Sector Corruption in Nigeria: Make hay while the sun shines’.

  • Brian Faint, T/Detective Inspector, Cheshire Constabulary – Title: Fraud and Gambling Addiction.

  • Dr Yang Wang, John K. Ashton, Aziz Jaafar, Bangor University – Title: Recidivism, Punishment and Accounting Fraud.

  • Maggie Hammond, Senior Lecturer in law, School of The Built Environment and Architecture, London South Bank University and Prof Dr  candidate at The University of Portsmouth - Title: Pink – collar crime: women and crime committed at work

  • Selvarani Elahi, UK Deputy Government Chemist, LGC Limited. - Title: The Food Authenticity Network: one-stop shop that can help protect the integrity of your food.

  • Ron McNaughton, Head of the Scottish Food Crime and Incidents Unit (SFCIU )– Title: Building a Food Crime Unit for Scotland.

  • Francesca West, Chief Executive – Title: Public Concern at Work.

  • Laura Blakeborough, Senior Research Officer, Organised and Cyber Crime Research and Analysis, Home Office – Title: Developing understanding of the scale, nature and impacts of fraud on individuals and businesses.

  • Richard Sangster, Head of Fraud Data and Analytics Development and Rob Malcomson, Head of Cross Government Fraud Data Pilots - Title: Data Sharing and Analytics to Fight Fraud. The Journey of central government.

  • Dr Richard John Fairchild, Senior Lecturer in Corporate Finance, School of Management,University of Bath, UK & co-authored with Dr Oliver Marnet from Southampton University – Title: Fraud-perception, Super-egos, and cultural spread of unethical behaviour: theory and evidence from Enron.

Public Lecture

On the evening before the main conference, there was a public lecture by Commander David Clark from the City of London Police, reflecting upon 25 years of policing fraud, as part of the ICJS 25 year celebrations.

Further Information

Should you require any further information please contact either Mr. Dean Blackbourn (, Senior Lecturer in Counter Fraud Studies, or Miss Juliet Hasker (, Projects Administrator. 

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