1st International Conference on Missing Children and Adults: Working across Borders

18–20 June 2013

This conference, of interest to anyone with an interest in missing persons, was held at the University of Portsmouth in June 2013.

Download the full agenda and presentation slides from the fantastic lineup of leading edge speakers participating over the three days below.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the conference, please feel free to contact one of the conference co-chairs:


Day 1

  • Speech to the First International Conference for Missing Children and Adults, Ann Coffey MP
  • Aspects of international missing persons cases workshop
  • Missing people-working in partnership
  • Parental child abduction workshop
  • Police and Cross Border investigation workshop

Day 2


  • Missing abroad
  • Reconnecting Missing Children and Adults
  • Child Rescue Alert
  • New ACPO Guidance and other developments
  • Understanding the politics of missing people
  • Geographies of Missing People


  • All Dressed up and no Place to Go? The Changing Roles of Mountain Rescue Teams in Searches for Missing People
  • Search and rescue strategies

Day 3

Sessions 3–5

  • A study of children rough sleepers
  • South Asian young women and sexual exploitation
  • The relationship between running away and CSE
  • Age Progression accuracy and reliability
  • Establishing identity- cross matching the lost and found
  • International missing person investigations after a disaster
  • Meeting the emotional needs of families of missing people
  • Hope in the liminal space
  • Australian families of missing people – narrating their experience
  • In the Loop – The evolution of the FFMPU group work

Sessions 6–9

  • The Seasonality of Missing
  • The relationship between social factors and missing people
  • People who go missing repeatedly – behavioural consistency
  • Behavioural characteristics of missing persons
  • Come to Notice Reports and missing adults
  • Mental health and missing
  • Autism and Dementia – similarities and differences
  • Developing a Conceptual Basis for Missing Incidents in persons with dementia
  • Child abduction in the UK

Sessions 10–12

  • Children who go missing repeatedly and their involvement in crime
  • Still learning more- the most recent national findings
  • Families experiences of missing person publicity appeals
  • Media and missing people- an analysis
  • Risky buisness- a study exploring the risk factors
  • Children reported missing to the police