The Centre for Cybercrime and Economic Crime (CCEC) and Portsmouth Business School Accounting Group (PBSAG) of the University of Portsmouth were pleased to hold their 2019 conference on Wednesday 5 June and Thursday 6 June in Portsmouth.


  • Huw Watkins, The Intellectual Property Office's Academics Project – ‘Understanding the motivating factors behind the public's attitudes to intellectual property rights infringements’.
  • Laura Eshelby, Head of Counter Fraud Professionalisation in the Counter Fraud Centre of Expertise at the Cabinet Office – ‘Moving to a Counter Fraud Profession’
  • IPO: Special Session Professor Kate Bowers, UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science, ‘The Potential of Data Science Approaches in Understanding Online Customer Fraud’.
  • David Whitehouse-Hayes, Head of Policy Engagement and Assurance in the Counter Fraud Centre of Expertise at the Cabinet Office & Lucinda King, Programme Logistics Manager for the Government
  • Fraud Measurement and Assurance Programme in the Counter Fraud Centre of Expertise at the Cabinet Office – Building an Evidence Base and Uncovering Fraud in Government.
  • IPO Q&A : ‘How the Academics Project will work in practice’.
  • Professor Lisa Jack and Princely Dibia – ‘Customer Returns Fraud and the problems of "Buy online Return in Store’.
  • Cabinet Office: ‘Special session on Countering Fraud in Central Government’. Joe Penrose, Data Sharing Manager, Centre of Expertise in Counter Fraud at the Cabinet Office
    Portland Rm. 1.74
  • Meet the Film Maker: Professor Lisa Jack interviews Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope about the making of her successful documentary on the largest local government fraud in the USA– ‘All the Queen's Horses" and her other documentaries, podcasts and TED talks on forensic accounting’.
  • Professor Kelly Richmond Pope – 'Lessons Learned from the Largest Municipal Fraud In U.S. History'.
  • Jim Gee, Partner and National Head of Forensic Services, Crowe UK LLP and Visiting Professor and Chair of the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies at the University of Portsmouth – ‘Cybercrime meets Fraud: Adapting to the reality in 2019’.
  • Professor Mike Levi, Cardiff University – ‘Regulating fraud revisited: managing financial crimes and public expectations’.
  • Professor Martin Gill, Criminologist, Director of Perpetuity Research and Founder of the Outstanding Security Performance Awards – ‘Introducing the Tackling Economic Crime Awards (TECAs)’.
  • Dr. Yuriy Timofeyev, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Kirpichnaya Ulitsa – 'Fraudster’s and Victims’ Profiles and Loss Predictors Hierarchy in the Mental Healthcare Industry in the U.S.'
  • Professor Graham Brooks & Peter Stiernsted, University of West London – ‘Preventing fraud and providing services – The Private Healthcare Insurance Sector’
  • Tiggey May & Dr. Bina Bhardwa, Institute for Criminal Policy Research (ICPR), Birkbeck – ‘Following the facilitators: The role of professional enablers and money launderers in organised fraud’.
  • Andjela Jurisic, Prof Doc student in Criminal Justice, University of Portsmouth – ‘Fraud and Corruption in Overseas Aid – Are we asking for it?'
  • Musa Balazakar, University of Portsmouth – ‘Countering Systemic Public Corruption in Nigeria: First Things First’.
  • Joon Bae Suh, Senior Inspector in South Korean Police Agency & Rebecca Nicolaides, Lecturer – ‘The effects of reducing opportunity and fraud risk factors on the occurrence of occupational fraud in financial institutions’.
  • Saffet Uygur, PhD student from University of Royal Holloway – ‘Tackling Fraud in the Charity Sector: A stakeholder Perspective’.
  • Dr. Rasha Kassem, Senior Lecturer, Coventry University – ‘What Matters in the Assessment of Financial Reporting Fraud Risk’.
  • Henry Ashton, Graduate of the MSc in Forensic Accounting (DL) University of Portsmouth, now at UCL with the Centre for Doctoral Training, a PhD student funded by the EPSRC – ‘Adversarial deep learning to detect financial statement fraud’.
  • Susan Hayes, Prof Doc Student, University of Portsmouth – ‘Blinded by the White: US Pharmacists Ethical Decision-Making Typography, Educational Curriculum and Gaps Resulting in Fraud’.
  • Neil Smith, Co-Founder Of Qwarie Ltd - Executive Officer For OSINT Research & Investigations – ‘Accessing Information Legally From Social Media Sites’.
  • Jonathan Gilbert, Postgraduate Research Student, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University – ‘Trusted to the ends of the earth?’ Or not. The solicitor’s facilitating role in mortgage fraud: a case study approach’.
  • Graeme Thompson, Programme Director Counter Fraud (Data Analytics, Capability Development and Pilots) in the Counter Fraud Centre of Expertise at the Cabinet Office – ‘Data analytics codification of capability and how to do it well’.
  • Giles Chapman, Head of Intelligence, National Food Crime Unit, Food Standards Agency – ’A new approach to tackling an old problem: food fraud and the National Food Crime Unit’.
  • Peter Tickner – ‘The Impact of Counter Fraud work in the Public Sector – A personal Journey’.
  • Dr. Martina Dove, Freelance fraud consultant – ‘Persuasive elements in (S)extortion correspondence demanding cryptocurrency’.
  • Dr. Alexis Stenfors, Senior Lecturer in Economics and Finance, University of Portsmouth Business School – ‘Detecting Fraudulent Algorithms in Foreign Exchange Markets’.
  • Dr. Vasileios Karagiannopoulos, Senior Lecturer in Law and Cybercrime, Director of the Cybercrime Awareness Clinic – ‘The Portsmouth Cybercrime Awareness Clinic: A bottom-up approach to fighting cybercrime in the local community’.

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