a picture looking directly upwards of a spiral staircase in black and white featuring a banner saying Heritage Week

The Portsmouth Heritage Hub would like to invite UoP staff and members of the public to celebrate Portsmouth Heritage Week 2022 at a series of public talks

  • 11 August 2022
  • 3 min read

Portsmouth Heritage Week and the heritage survey that accompanies it is a chance for the University to connect with people and communities around Portsmouth. Alongside showcasing the breadth of heritage research activity at the University, the week provides an opportunity for the people of Portsmouth to share their views about Portsmouth's heritage and why it is important to them.

Heritage Hub co-chairs Bryony Whitmarsh and Robert Inkpen will be launching the week, alongside Theme Director Leila Choukroune, on Monday 12th September.

a black and white image of southsea castle

Understanding how we can tie together the academic expertise and issues of community concern is an important step in enabling academic research to have a real impact in Portsmouth. Aside from the economic value of heritage to the city, the importance of different types of heritage for the cultural and social well being of communities is often undervalued and invisible to academic research. We hope that heritage week will begin to uncover pieces of these hidden heritages and so increase people’s engagement with all types of heritage in the city.

Dr Rob Inkpen, Co-chair Portsmouth Heritage Hub

The presentations during the week, which can be accessed by Zoom as well as in person, range from considering how heritage is valued, to the details of the science of heritage conservation, as well as how digital technologies can enhance understanding and appreciation of heritage.

Of particular interest will be the community heritage work the University is involved in and the potential for the University to help local communities find their own voices about the heritage that is important to them through the development of oral histories.

Guest speakers for the week come from departments right across the University and include Tarek Teba, Garry Scarlett, Claire Bailey-Ross and Jodi Burkett.

The final roundtable discussion, at the end of the week, we hope will bring different voices to the table to discuss how they see heritage having a role in the future of Portsmouth.

To find out more about the talks and events taking place throughout the week, visit our Portsmouth Heritage Week Eventbrite Collection.