In July 2019 Professor Alessandro Melis in the School of Architecture participated in the Universo Assisi 2019, the International Cultural Festival in Italy directed by Joseph Grima.

The festival transformed the town of Assisi, a popular tourist and cultural destination, by hosting a number of interventions such as events, concerts, debates and performances. The theme of this third edition of the festival was environmental sustainability, which involved energy saving at its core and the use of non-polluting materials.

The programme was dedicated to architecture and design with speakers Alessandro Melis, Elizabeth Diller, Beka & Lemoine, Beatriz Colomina, Jan Boelen.

Professor Melis, who will be the curator or the Italian Pavilion at the Biennale Architettura 2020, presented Resilient Communities at Tempio della Minerva, Agora (Piazza del Comune), bringing his experience and knowledge of sustainable cities.  He took part in the ‘design day’ dealing directly with the public alongside other guests including Elizabeth Diller who presented on The Shed project.

Key places in Assisi were part of the festival, including the Sagrato of the Upper Basilica of San Francesco, which hosted the opening and closing events.  The Piazza del Comune became the Agora of Universe Assisi and a Piazza dell'Architettura, created under the arches of the Basilica of Santa Chiara, which became a temporary, open, dynamic, interactive and welcoming structure.  The structure was created by the Open Design School of Matera, in a collaboration between Assisi and the European Capital of Culture 2019, demonstrating a coexistence between the timeless beauty of historical monuments and contemporary ideas.

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries are delighted to share three more talks on resilient cities by Alessandro as follows:

London Design Festival (17 September)

TEDx Conference in Mestre, Italy (28 September)

SPAM International Festival of Architecture in Rome (18 October)

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