On 26 September, Joshua Ward, a BA (Hons) Film Production undergraduate from the University of Portsmouth won the prize for Best Student Film at the 2019 edition of International Motor Film Awards.

International Motor Film Awards is the most prestigious celebration in the automotive film and television industry, supported by leading brands from both the car industry and the media sector. The ceremony recognises directorial and production talent from high-end films and commercials to student and independent productions. Apart from the trophy itself, the Best Student Film award also included other perks such as free RED Camera workshops.

Joshua is very passionate about cars, especially motorsport and endurance racing, and for this reason his short film “More than 24” documents the story of a driver competing in the biggest race in the world, the “24 Hours of Le Mans”. He said: “I’ve watched hours and hours of content like this but all of them always focus on the winners and I wanted to show the huge amount of commitment all drivers have but unfortunately it isn’t always rewarded”. In the film, the protagonist talks about the dangers of the sport and challenges he has faced in his career so far.

He revealed that the most considerable setback in this project was working as a ‘one-man-band’ with very little financial support. However, Josh said the BAFP course equipped him with the necessary pre-production skills to complete the film effectively and within budget. A lot of planning was involved because of the scale of the event, and media accreditation for race weekends needs a lot of paperwork. Although it was his second time at Le Mans, he was still excited by the atmosphere when the grid was cleared, all the guests and engineers had to leave, and it was just the drivers in their cars and the media personnel.