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Thank you

There’s still another two weeks of calling and our students can’t wait to be inspired by more of your amazing stories and advice. Thank you for giving so much to the next generation of graduates.

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I’m finding the campaign very interesting so far. There’s highs, like having great conversations and getting helpful advice, and there’s lows, like speaking to someone who is annoyed about the phone call or getting a lot of no answers. 

I have heard some very funny stories, such as speaking with an alumnus who made jokes and was very honest about some of his experiences, telling his stories in a comedic way. A really touching story was from an alumnus who told me how his work has been affected since the pandemic, and how he’s struggling to find work. He is working in the same industry I want to work in so I’ve learnt enough to understand that sometimes work can be very hard to find and also competitive. I also got useful advice for when I start my career, learning to spend no more than a year in an entry level position and aim to move up. 

I spoke to an alumnus who told me about his great time at university and how he still keeps in touch with friends, but that he hadn’t visited the university in a while. I told him about the Alumni Reunion Weekend happening in September and he was excited about this nice opportunity to visit. I’m looking forward to hearing more fun and interesting stories from alumni and just having great conversations. I’m also looking forward to hearing more valuable advice from alumni who have experience in the industry I want to go into. 

Rosalind Holmes

BSc (Hons) Television and Broadcasting, third-year student

Rossy Nathalie De Los Santos Arias

MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management, first-year student 

It has been interesting to hear from people of different backgrounds and learn about their stories. Almost makes you wish you had been one of their classmates back then, even for a day!

An alumnus was telling me about how much he worked during university. He had two part-time jobs, one in Tesco, where he would work at night, and another one during the day. There were times he had to work at night until early morning, having classes the next day, and it was really hard for him. After working hard to achieve his dreams, he is now an associate in a big company. His aspirations have been realised! 

A useful piece of advice that I've been given is how I should try to find what I am passionate about, and not only ask for advice from others but focus on discovering it by myself. I also should start looking for jobs months before finishing my degree programme, make a list of the companies I want to work for the most, and apply.

I’m really looking forward to talking to alumni who were students from the Polytechnic—before UoP became a university—because I want to hear more stories about what the University used to be like back then!

An excited group of student callers have been reaching out to Portsmouth grads for a week now, finding shared connections, chatting about great memories and benefiting from career and life advice. 

And we’re off!

It’s been an amazing first week of calling. 182 alumni have taken the time to talk with student callers, matched as much as possible by course and career aspirations to make the conversations you’ve shared so far, so beneficial. Students have enjoyed hearing your stories and truly appreciate the role that the alumni community can play in helping them to achieve their career goals. 

Not only have you inspired the callers, but your generosity gifts to the Portsmouth Futures Fund mean continued support for students in need. Many of these students are care leavers, some with dependents, disabilities or learning challenges. Some have faced the barriers that come with racism. Some come from families who don’t have the means to support their university journey. Your donations help such students take full advantage of all opportunities the University of Portsmouth and campus life have to offer. 

To those who have spoken with students and those who have given already, thank you. If you’ve not yet had the chance, you’re in for a treat - and an opportunity to make a real difference in a student’s life. 

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