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Jakub Budzioch

Digital Business Management

I was looking for a part-time remote job that would allow me to combine my postgraduate studies with earning money without leaving home. The funds raised will help those students who are in the most difficult situation. I have applied for a Postgraduate Master’s Loan Scheme offered by the Student Loan Company, and I have been awarded a full Master’s Scholarship for New Students worth £3,000 by the University of Portsmouth. Therefore, I feel that this position will enable me to repay my debt to the university for giving me a scholarship for my postgraduate course. The reason for that is I strongly believe in the maxim which says, “what you give from yourself, comes back to you sooner or later.

I hope to learn about many alumni’s inspiring stories, such as how being a student at the University of Portsmouth has changed their lives, how in general they remember the period of studying at our university, about their interesting stories regarding writing assignments or about their unique friendships that continue to this day. On top of that, I hope to learn how to appreciate this time as a current student at the University of Portsmouth.

Malaika Kamure

International Development and Languages

I chose to take part in the telephone campaign because I believe it will be a good way for students to get involved in the future of the University, and the futures it influences. I am excited to talk about the new opportunities that the money raised would benefit specifically having experienced the pandemic as a student. Covid has been incredibly difficult for many already struggling and I hope that fundraising will help improve the situations of students. I also hope that it will help the University invest in mental health and the futures of BAME students, as they are the students that the system overlooks.

Muhammad Umair

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Working for this campaign will help a great deal with building teamwork skills, developing good communication skills and I can learn how to attract people towards a cause and promote it. As a Master’s student I would like to know what our alumni are doing since graduating and update them about student life now going through this hard time. I can learn from their first-hand experience about the challenges faced when finding their first job. 

I am excited to tell the alumni about the new Ravelin Sports Centre which has a big sports hall, 8 lane swimming pool and a lot of activities on offer for students. I would also take the opportunity to inform them of new societies under the Students’ Union and how they are making a difference for student learning and engagement.

We look forward to connecting with our alumni over the coming weeks. Your contributions will help in delivering the transformative student learning experience your University is committed to.

Find out more about opportunities to support students.

Radu Goidescu

Engineering Geology and Geotechnics

I chose to take part in this telephone campaign because I believe it allows me to hear so many incredible stories and realise how people from different backgrounds gather together for one cause. I hope to learn tips from the alumni on what they think is the key to being successful after leaving university. I’m excited to tell alumni about the updates to the library in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the 19 April to 9 May Portsmouth students will be calling you, our valued alumni, hoping to gain insights from you on life after graduation, hear what it was like when you were at uni and, most important, offer you pathways to make a difference.

Why are we running the campaign?

Calling will take place over three weeks and students hope to speak with nearly 1,000 alumni. They’ll offer exciting updates about things like the brand new sports centre set to open this year, as well as wonderful University learning and support programmes. They’ll be asking you to revisit your own student days and to share fond memories and highlights from your time at Portsmouth.

Students will tell you about the support alumni can give to students – ways of getting involved and of making a difference, including contributing to the Portsmouth Futures Fund as so many graduates already do. The Portsmouth Futures Fund opens the door for students with financial challenges to take full advantage of life-changing learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. Many of the students who receive support are care leavers, have dependents, disabilities or learning differences, or are from black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds.

The funds raised helps students in many ways:

  • Bursaries for course material 
  • Hardship grants for living expenses 
  • Special equipment like dictation technology
  • Childcare expenses
  • Educational trips and learning enrichment activities
  • Postgraduate study expenses

Every student deserves the best chance to succeed and thrive at Portsmouth, and the funds raised from student calling help ensure this happens.

Opportunities for our students

Alumni are valued members of the University community and it is so important for students to connect directly with you. Student callers are thrilled to have that chance to do that and to benefit from the insights you offer, helping them to navigate uni and set themselves up for life success. Career advice is most welcome!

Our telephone callers

During my four years of university I have felt the utmost support from Portsmouth University and if I can do more to help increase this, I am delighted to help.
Malaika Kamure, International Development and Languages
I am interested in working as a caller because it will help me build relationships with our alumni and it will give me a sense of accomplishment that I have worked for a good cause in society.
Muhammad Umair, Logistics and Supply Chain Management