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Cornelia Martha Huseine

BA (Hons) International Development, 2020

For most volunteering experience, I’ve found you can email the company directly and ask if there are vacancies. If you would prefer to go straight into work – enhance your technical or soft skills, such as applying for an excel course, leadership or public speaking course. The reason being that I find a lot of employers are looking for skills that can help you within the workplace. 

Knowledge of your degree is important but a lot of soft skills / technical skills are transferable and will be utilised once you’re employed. If you are not sure what to do after you graduate, search for courses that can help with your job role. For instance, I completed a project management course as I knew that I wanted to manage and work on various projects despite not knowing what job role I wanted to apply for. I learnt that my project management experience opened the door to so many opportunities. There’s different courses available online and so many are free, so do your research and find out what works best for you.

It’s that time of year where the campus is buzzing with proud parents and happy graduates as they experience their long-awaited graduation day. Although it may feel as though your journey is coming to an end, please know that it’s not. This is just the beginning.   

Graduating from the University of Portsmouth means you’re joining a 250,000 global community of alumni who were once where you are now. And being part of this community means you have a wealth of knowledge readily available as you embark on your journey. 

But first things first. We asked former Portsmouth students to tell us what one piece of advice they would like to offer you as a new graduate. Here’s what they said: 
My advice for recent graduates is to look for volunteering experience the summer you graduate, regardless of what grade you achieve – work experience is so important, especially when volunteering for local organisations or charities, as it shows your willingness to learn and expand your skills.
Cornelia Martha Huseine, BA (Hons) International Development, 2020