I was a first year when the new sports centre was first talked about. As a sports scholar, I went along to some of the consultation talks about what would be in it, to give my opinion. Since then, I've followed its progress.

Ravelin Sports Centre will be fantastic because there's so much to do, such variation. If you don’t like running, you can play squash or go for a swim. Swimming is a great way to exercise.  I go sea swimming at least once a week, but I'd love to be able to swim for longer in the new pool. I could go swimming at the Mountbatten Centre, but I have to drive there, which takes time out of your day.  A pool will be a great addition to the university’s sports facilities. To be on campus and go for a quick dip is something I think a lot of students are looking forward to. I will always have a swimming costume and towel in my gym bag so I can be ready when I fancy a swim.


I’m also looking forward to the climbing wall.  I often go to the bouldering facility “Red Spider” in Fareham but because you are required to get there, it makes it less accessible. As a sailor, upper body strength is quite key. I know a lot of sailors who climb in their free time as an alternative to training in the gym. The climbing wall is going to go from the basement to the roof, which is cool. It will be like a feature wall and will encourage people to try something new and hopefully develop an interest in a sport that they may have never tried.

I would describe Ravelin Sports Centre as impressive. It's obviously modern and has a range of sports facilities but also aspects which will benefit the environment. It has a sleek design and a lot of thought has gone into making it sustainable, which is something I have a real interest in. Our new sports centre has solar panels and internal heat recovery systems.  Even the colours of the terracotta cladding is designed to match the buildings in the area. A sustainable facility on campus will encourage more students to think about the way they live and the impact that they have on the environment.

It's a fantastic investment from the university. It will have a positive effect on not only student’s physical health but also general wellbeing.  During Lockdown, I realised how much sport keeps my life together.  Every weekend I'd usually be at a sailing event, most mornings I'd be training at the gym or out running or cycling. Sport plays a big part in maintaining my happiness and mental health. Ravelin Sports Centre will create a greater feeling of community on campus. I may be doing a Masters and so could still be here for it, but we'll see.