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With growing emphasis and attention on sporting organisations, Dan interviews Dr Chris Wagstaff, Chartered Psychologist and one of our Course Leaders, about the emergence of organisational psychology in sport, and where he thinks the field is going next.

Chris is our Course Leader on the BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Psychology, MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology, and Professional Doctorate in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Key research covered in this episode:

Technology and labour saving devices mean humans spend an increasing amount of time sitting and being sedentary. In this episode, Dan talks about exercise psychology to Professor Stuart Biddle, Director of the Centre for Health, Informatics and Economic Research at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

They discuss how to untangle the difference between physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour, and explore the barriers to encouraging people to move more.

Key research covered in this episode:

We all feel pressure and strain from time-to-time, but why do some of us find certain situations more stressful than others? In this episode, Dan interviews Dr David Fletcher, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Performance Psychology at Loughborough University. Their conversation explores what stress is and the possible explanations for different experiences.

Key research covered in this episode:

We all need to be more physically active, but what can we do to promote and encourage exercise and movement? Dan talks to Professor Nanette Mutrie MBE, Director of the Physical Activity for Health Research Centre at the University of Edinburgh, about the research studies and practical initiatives she’s been involved in to get people up and moving.

Key research covered in this episode:

It’s all well and good talking about academic research, but what does it really take to be a dual career athlete? In this episode, Dan interviews Dr Zoe Saynor about her experiences as a Harlequins Ladies player in the Tyrrells Premier 15s, and about her career as an international renowned academic. How does she manage to balance the two?

Dan and Zoe also explore topics from the early implications of professionalism in women’s rugby union, to injury rehabilitation and the role of the sport psychologist.

In this podcast, Dr Daniel J. Brown, one of our lecturers in Sport and Exercise Psychology, hosts a series of interviews with world-leading experts to understand the psychology behind participation in physical activity and performance in sport.

Each episode covers key aspects of psychological research and knowledge, offering insight into the career journeys of leading sport and exercise psychologists. 

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