Luke McGowan is a Research Associate and PhD scholar at the University of Portsmouth.

He’s also a graduate of the university’s on-campus MSc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. Luke spoke to us about his experience on the course and how the master’s is helping him develop his career as an Innovation Consultant.

What motivated you to study Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at master’s level?

Luke: I was interested in the subject area and wanted to progress my career. After undergraduate study I was both applying for jobs and master’s courses.

I believed that studying a master’s within the area of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship would help me develop key real-world skills. An interest in both the real world and academic principles drove me to study at master’s level.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

Luke: I enjoyed the hands-on modules such as Entrepreneurship & Business Venturing. During this module we worked in groups to develop businesses that we could progress into the real world (if we would like to do so). Establishing the value proposition and strategy was both highly enjoyable and good practice for the real world.

Have you been able to apply learnings from the course to your career?

Luke: Throughout my career I have acted as a Product Manager within an industrial computer manufacturer. I have used many of the principles taught within the New Product Development module. The skills learnt within the module became part of my day-to-day job role.

Can you tell us about your dissertation/final project?

Luke: My dissertation focused on serial entrepreneurs and reasons why they may leave or close a business. Assessing why entrepreneurs may choose to cease involvement within a business led to a better understanding of opportunity selection and success factors. The study was interview based, as it enabled the samples’ lived experience to be understood.

What are your future career plans? How do you think studying Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship will help you achieve them?

Luke: Studying Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship has already helped me greatly within my career. I have used the practical skills within my time as a Product Manager and as a Private Contractor. During the first lockdown I used the skills acquired from the course to set up a contracting business. In order to survive during the ever-changing environment, I employed an effectual business model.

I am currently participating in a PhD within Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. My career plan is to move back into academia and provide business support from within the University of Portsmouth. Using the skills that I have learnt from the course and put into practice over the years I will achieve this goal.

Would you recommend studying innovation management and entrepreneurship to others?

Luke: I would. Not only have I learnt many useful skills, I have also met some amazing people and made some friends for life.

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