The Conference was a great eye-opener for me in many aspects. I shared a platform with renowned dignitaries and much more experienced researchers hence another learning step. I was able to share and exchange contacts with other researchers in the legal and related field as well as get new insights on my career as a lawyer from an international perspective.  I was proud to be a team member from the University of Portsmouth, but also as a Kenyan since the conference was in my country of origin.
Nancy Siboe, PhD Candidate
Gender equality is at the core of the Democratic Citizenship Theme. While women are greatly involved in trade, they do not always benefit from it. With its Partner Trade Mark East Africa, DC theme organised a major symposium gathering about 300 delegates from the East African Region, Europe and the Americas. In addressing the trade and gender issue, we propose to engage with governments and civil societies through a master classes, meetings and presentations
Professor Leïla Choukroune, Democratic Citizenship