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Founded by Chris Hayers in December 2013 MATCH Accounting is a popular choice for SMEs on the South Coast. Based at the Portsmouth Technopole, the team provide an outsourced finance team of proven pedigree and extensive experience managing account portfolios at the highest level.

MATCH Accounting

MATCH has recently merged with the team at H2O Accounting, another excellent accountancy firm on the South Coast. MATCH Accounting’s owner, Chris Hayers, previously worked at H2O and wanted to complement his business with Hannah Oliver’s competent and experienced H2O team. The merger is an opportunity for clients from both companies to experience real benefits from the additional knowledge, support and breadth of services that this merger brings.

The growing team currently comprises seven experienced accountants and looks after clients varying in sizes and sectors.

Director Aimee Hayers tells us about the company:

“I joined my husband Chris as a Director of the company in October 2017 a year after we had our first child together. I help lead the business in the changing world of accountancy and support our clients with exceptional service, focusing on assisting clients to achieve their goals. We help clients achieve peace of mind by leveraging Xero. This cloud-based technology allows you to access up-to-the-minute financial reports for your business from your computer or mobile app anytime, anywhere in the world.

“Having worked for various accounting firms previously, we felt motivated to take everything we had learned and push it further to streamline and modernise an often outdated practice. We wanted to rejuvenate the process, going green and removing the majority of the paperwork, doing everything online, securely and efficiently while providing a refreshingly personal service."

Core Values

  • Collaborative: working together internally, passionate about staff morale and development, and externally by applying strategies towards clients’ desired outcomes and reducing their workloads.
  • Responsive: leveraging technology to deliver information and advice promptly to staff and clients.
  • Personal: listening to each client’s individual needs, developing relationships with a more personal and approachable touch to understand and help them reach their goals.

Aimee said: “We aim to help businesses grow by giving them the tools they need to get to where they are going. By blending our extensive business experience with evolving technology, we provide our clients access to the best tools, tools that until now have been available only to big businesses.”

Plans for the Future?

Aimee said: “We’d like to have multiple offices dotted across the South Coast all providing the same excellent service. For MATCH it is really about contributing to the success of businesses we work for.

Aimee says the best advice she has is to “Invest in your people, take excellent care of them, and they will take care of you and help your business thrive.”

Great advice from Aimee and wishing MATCH Accounting every success.

We are motivated by our Company Values which are at the heart of everything we do, encompassing the type of business and fundamentally the people we want to be and work with.
Aimee Hayers, Director