Multiple University of Portsmouth alumni from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries helped create Boiling Point (2019), a short film starring Stephen Graham, which is now being made into a feature.

Boiling Point is a one-shot short film set in a high-pressure restaurant kitchen, as a head chef wrangles his team on the busiest day of the year. The script was co-written by director Philip Barantini and BA (Hons) Film Industries alumni James Cummings who has been building a career as a screenwriter over the past few years. Since he graduated in 2018, he’s worked for an acting studio, and more recently for Ascendant Films.

The short went on to get nominated for Best British Short at the prestigious British Independent Film Awards. Although they did not win there, they received recognition in other festivals, including Lift-Off’s Global Network’s Best Directing and Cinematography season awards. The latter was awarded to BA (Hons) Film Production alumni Matt Lewis who was the director of photography for Boiling Point; and the editor of the short film, Alex Fountain, is also a BAFP graduate. In fact, the three alumni worked with Philip Barantini, an actor at the time, in their final year of university when they made their graduate film, A Place for Everything.

Following the success of the short version of Boiling Point, Philip and James developed the script into a feature-length screenplay, and it is currently in the pre-production stage, being produced by Ascendant Films in association with Matriarch Productions, Burton Fox Films and Three Little Bird Pictures. Stephen Graham, who recently starred in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman (2020), will be reprising his leading role in Boiling Point and will be joined by Jason Isaacs in a supporting role.

More details about the film can be found in the Variety article.