MSc Computer Animation alumna Vivi Markatou made her debut at this year's Lift-Off International Film Festival with her film short The White Wings.

Vivi, from Greece, animated the 5-minute film and produced it with her colleague Penelope Bekiari, who composed the music.

"It's a symbolic piece and leaves the audiece to its own interpretations," she explained. "Following the difficult life of a small creature in a big world, from its dangerous past to its hopeful yet mysterious future, it's a simplistic tale that allows us to make our own deeper inferences."

"The film conveys a message of optimism during hard times, a message that's also very much related to Greek reality. We hope to escape the quagmire of turmoil we find in our country and open our wings. If there's a way we can better ourselves, we're looking for it."

Vivi Markatou, MSc Computer Animation graduate

The Lift-Off International Film Festival is organised by the Lift-Off Global Network, an organisation created by Pinewood Studios in support of the indie film industry through live screening events distribution initiatives, a creators network and seasonal awards ceremonies. Founded in 2010, the not-for-profit festival has evolved into a prominent platform for emerging artists, featuring content for feature and short films, commercials, music videos, animations and experimental arthouse.

Watch The White Wings trailer on Vivi's YouTube channel.

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