Motion capture technology

This study aims to understand the influence of movements in social perception.

  • 19 January 2022
  • 4 min read

How do we find someone attractive? How do we perceive someone to be warm or competent? Our perception of others depends on several factors. This study aims to understand the influence of the way one moves on how a person is perceived. Motion-capture technology is used in this study to isolate and record movements which is then used to understand how these movements are perceived.

While there are serval studies on perception, the studies that understand movement's role in perception are scarce. This study would help in bridging the gaps in our understanding of several factors of perception.

Participating in this study would be great chance to have an exciting motion-capture experience through a hands-on experience with motion-capture equipment.

    What will participants be doing?

    Participants will be asked to perform simple day-to-day movements like walking and dancing while being recorded on motion-capture cameras.

    Participant characteristics:

    • any gender
    • aged 18+
    • staff, student and the general public

    Location and length of study

    0.05 Motion Capture Lab, King Henry Building, PO1 2DY. Participants will be needed for around 40-50 minutes.


    Participants will receive £10 reward (via bank transfer) or 1 course credit (if eligible).

    Closing date

    29 June 2022.


    Applicants can sign up using the following link:

    For further information please contact Mohamed Ismail Abdul Kader at


    Ethics code: SHFEC 2021-125