Emir Cetinoglu, a film student from the University of Portsmouth put his compositing expertise to use, creating VFX work for big clients, including the luxury car manufacturer Bentley. This goes to show how the courses in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries provide students with practical experience and employability skills which they can apply in real work environments.

Students on the BA (Hons) Film Production course are encouraged to gain work experience between their second and third year, and this was exactly what Emir did. His primary focus was finding employment related to visual effects, but he soon learned how tough job-hunting was in London. However, he didn’t lose hope and sent out his portfolio to companies in his hometown, Istanbul.

Within two weeks, he was interviewed and hired as a Compositing Artist at MyLiaison VFX where his main responsibility was to seamlessly blend 3D environments and objects into live-action footage. Emir worked closely with the 3D team who provided him with assets on top of which he would add colour correction, motion blur and grain to make it look like they were shot in-camera. On top of that, he also dealt with object removals, particle simulations and more basic VFX work.

Delivering high-quality shots for Bentley has made me a better and more professional visual effects artist. Bentley was the ultimate highlight of my time spent at MyLiaison. I feel so lucky that I finally had the opportunity to work in my dream job.

Emir Cetinoglu, a film student

When asked how he put into application the skills and knowledge he gained at university, Emir told us, “Without the people skills and industry tricks I’ve obtained at Portsmouth, I would not be able to fulfil my job as efficiently, as I was expected to be just as diligent and effective as the senior artists.”

Creating VFX shots for companies such as Bentley, Clear and Selfridges was definitely no easy task which came with a lot of pressure. In particular, the former client required a 3D rendition of their luxurious 100th Anniversary GT model (of which a single one was manufactured) in 8K resolution. The videos were played during the reveal of the car, so Emir had to go through numerous revisions before reaching the end result that he is now proud of.