The Intelligent Transport Cluster (ITC) was launched in 2019 to help deliver economic growth and create safe and sustainable transport solutions fit for the cities of the future.

This cross-faculty initiative consolidates capabilities and expertise across all areas of the Transport sector. By bringing together academics, innovators and users, the cluster tackles the challenges to business and society, while promoting long-term competitiveness in land, air and marine transport systems.

The ITC aims to develop world-leading innovative technologies and solutions to build smart, safe, sustainable and efficient transport systems fit for the cities of the future. This is driven by the multi-disciplinary expertise of the cluster. The ITC draws from expertise in the fields of logistics, sustainable transport, autonomous and connected systems, business modelling, behavioural safety, system infrastructure, cyber-security, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), operational research and communications.

Professor Djamila Ouelhadj, Director of the Intelligent Transport Cluster, said: “Transportation is evolving quickly and it is essential to invest and develop better solutions for the increasingly demanding challenge of providing safe, efficient, sustainable transportation for the future.

Driverless cars, drone deliveries, on-demand public transport, and new data-driven mobility services requiring high-fidelity communication networks and sustainable transport systems built using novel light-weight materials and renewable energy sources are some of the ways set to revolutionise the mobility of people and goods around the world.”

These innovative solutions will deliver on the mission of the Industrial Strategy and the Future of Mobility Grand Challenge to improve the mobility of people, goods and services around towns, cities and the countryside.