What skills will be in demand in a near future, where automation and robots will have a dramatic impact on jobs and careers?

What will successful, sustainable and rewarding careers look like in an increasingly digitalised and globalised world?

Podcasters, Oksana Lozova and Lyudmila Shymanovska-Dianich from the Poltava University of Economics and Trade, and Jovana Radulovic from the University of Portsmouth identified creativity as a key attribute for a successful job and career.

But, what is creativity? Are creative people ‘gifted’ or can anyone develop creative approaches to work and life?

These questions – and more – are explored by the ‘Creativity for Creative’ project, a series of conversations that explore entrepreneur's, innovator's and artist's creative approaches to problem solving, product development and project management.

You can listen to the podcast series on Soundcloud, Anchor, YouTube, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. The podcasts are in Ukrainian, apart from the final podcast in the series ‘Creativity vs Robots’ which is in English.

Find out more on the Creative Spark Poltava Facebook page.

The project is funded by The Ukrainian Cultural Fund and The British Council as a part of the Culture for Change programme.