Dr Tom Sykes is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Film, Media and Communications and is a widely published author, editor, journalist and literary historian.


His latest book, the Realm of the Punisher (Signal Books) is a 'political travelogue' of the Philippines which, according to the Times Literary Supplement, ‘conveys in an affectionate, unpatronizing tone the many layers of injustice that run through the Philippines, and uses interviews and site visits to try to explain the eccentric ways and popular appeal of its more muscular leaders.’  Tom is also the author of Ivory Coast (Bradt Publications), a commercially successful travel guide that blends reportage and political analysis with practical advice.


Over the last four years, perhaps 30,000 Filipinos have died in circumstances similar to Kian. They are victims of extra-judicial murders carried out by policemen and hired assassins under the veil of a ‘war against drugs’. Through reportage, interviews and historical analysis, my book The Realm of the Punisher seeks to make sense of this unparalleled campaign of violence and the man ultimately responsible for it: President Rodrigo Duterte. The following are edited excerpts from the book.
Dr Tom Sykes, Author of The Realm of the Punisher