Dr Jac Batey, a zine blogger, curator, maker and enthusiast, has been interviewed by a Japanese magazine as part of the International Zine Month. 

Zines are small-circulation, self-published independent fanzines. Dr Batey collates and archives zines that reflect the diversity of thought and talent that exists outside the traditional publishing arena: ''Zines are one of the few areas left where creative people can speak without censorship to an audience beyond the gallery.'' The blogs: Zineopolis (http://zineopolis.blogspot.com/) and Future Fantasteek (http://futurefantasteek.blogspot.com/) document the variety and diversity of zines, created by Dr Batey, her students, professional illustrators and other contributors.  

The interview appeared in Hotondo Zero Yen Daigaku, Japan.

Japan isn't the only place where Dr Batey's blogs gained recognition internationally. The Library of Congress, Washington DC recently asked permission for the Zineopolis blog to be archived for future researchers. The Library of Congress aims to preserve important cultural artefacts and provide enduring access to them, creating a long-lasing historical record of digital as well as print publications.