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Read all of our latest blogs by our academics, experts and alumni.
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Read all of our latest blogs by our academics, experts and alumni.
35 posts found

Voyage Around My Room: lessons on marvelling at the minutiae of our homes in isolation

04 February 2021 6 min read

William Sutton writes for The Conversation explores an anti-travel book written in 1790 as a solace during Lockdown

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Fashion, film and VFX students win in Lixing Cup competition

06 October 2020 2.75 mins read

Read more about the awards our Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries students won at the 2020 'Lixing Cup' Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition.

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Mexican Women Aren't Just Fighting for Equality - But Survival Co-Authored by Professor Amanda Peterson, University of San Diego, and Professor Deborah Shaw, School of Film, Media and Communication

02 September 2020 Professor Deborah Shaw 9 min read

Many issues unite feminists around the world, such as the right to abortion, safe contraception, and equal opportunities and pay. In Mexico, however, the feminist cause has been galvanized by a more fundamental right: the right to live.

Una Mujer Luchando by Norma Patiño Navarro

Horror films are highlighting human rights abuses in Latin America Latin horror movies are raising awareness of human rights abuses in South America to an international audience

20 August 2020 Professor Deborah Shaw 6 min read

Deborah Shaw, Professor of Film and Screen Studies at the University of Portsmouth, writes for The Conversation about the parallels between real human rights abuses and Latin American horror films

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Graduate film nominated for Royal Television Society Award

06 August 2020 1 min read

A short film by Film Production graduates is up for a Royal Television Society award. Read more and watch the trailer now.

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Musical Theatre student publishes debut poetry book Sarah Shuhaiber, a.k.a. Aries, releases 'Aches and Epiphanies'

20 April 2020 2 mins read

3rd-year Musical Theatre student Sara Shuhaiber publishes new poetry book under pen name Aries. Available on Amazon and other retailers.

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We need a laugh, even if it is fake – a history of canned laughter Present circumstances mean we are going to need entertaining shows, and we’re going to need laughter, real or canned, explains Charlie Watts for The Conversation

16 April 2020 Mr Charlie Watts 6 min read

Charlie Watts, lecturer in film production, at the University of Portsmouth, writes for The Conversation about the historic impact of laughter in film and TV and why it's so important during the coronavirus pandemic

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