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Read all of our latest blogs by our academics, experts and alumni.
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Read all of our latest blogs by our academics, experts and alumni.
12 posts found

How do we know when faults were active? Research by Dr. Catherine Mottram throws a new light on how faults developed

26 November 2020 9 min read

Dr Catherine Mottram, Senior Lecturer in the School of the Environment, talks about her research which is helping change the way we look at faults.

Dr Catherine Mottram standing in a science lab

The ocean is swimming in plastic and it’s getting worse – we need connected global policies now Research shows the volume of plastics going into our oceans is dismal. Systemic change is essential.

17 September 2020 4 min read

Steve Fletcher, Professor of Ocean Policy and Economy, and Dr Keiron Roberts, Research Fellow in Clean Carbon Technologies and Resource Management write for The Conversation about the growing problem of plastics being dumped in oceans

Bottle floating in blue ocean

Coronavirus face masks: an environmental disaster that might last generations What type of mask to get and how to clean them

14 August 2020 8 min read

Keiron Philip Roberts, Cressida Bowyer, Simon Kolstoe, and Steve Fletcher, from the University of Portsmouth, write for The Conversation about the environmental impact of disposing masks incorrectly

face mask covered in sand

Five maps that will change how you see the world

22 March 2017 6 min read

Nothing is where you think it is. Peters projection accurately shows different countries’ relative sizes.

Colourful world map, continents are warped in shape

Magma power how superheated molten rock could provide renewable energy

27 October 2016 4 min read

In Iceland, a project to tap into magma deep below the surface may cause a new era of geothermal power.

Lava moving towards the ocean

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