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Read all of our latest blogs by our academics, experts and alumni.
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Read all of our latest blogs by our academics, experts and alumni.
13 posts found

Rodrigo Duterte terminated a military agreement with US – why it could push Philippines closer to China The alliance with the Philippines was a key part of US strategy in countering Chinese expansionism in the region, explains Dr Tom Smith for The Conversation

17 February 2020 8 min read

Tom Smith, Principal Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Portsmouth, writes for The Conversation about the future of military collaboration between the US and Philippines following a terminated agreement

Flag pole

Alt-right claims to march in step with the Knights Templar – this is fake history

05 December 2017 8 min read

Why does Templar imagery garner a similar reaction to Nazi symbols, while another equally significant crusader image doesn't with the wider public?

Alt-right parade with police surrounding sign-holding alt-right activists

Aung San Suu Kyi has no excuse for staying silent on the Rohingya crisis

15 February 2017 4 min read

Long regarded as something approaching a saint, Myanmar's de facto head of state appears to be running out of moral capital.

Aung San Suu Kyi wearing red clothing speaking in front of microphones

Films you should watch to counter American anti-migrant rhetoric

02 February 2017 5 min read

Filmmakers sympathetic to the plight of Mexican and Central American migrants are using their films to counter the fug of misinformation.

Wide shot of the US and Mexico border

Can British universities make the most of May’s new industrial strategy?

25 January 2017 5 min read

Theresa May's plan to boost UK competitiveness risks exposing flaws in the higher education sector.

Graduates taking a selfie wearing their gowns

Panic about IS in the Philippines masks a very real war in the country

03 October 2016 4 min read

A major insurgency is humiliating the Filipino army and sucking in huge ransoms – but all anyone wants to talk about is Islamic State.

Filipinos holding signs and candles during a protest

Vacuum bombs in Syria: the latest chapter in a long history of atrocity from the skies

16 September 2016 4 min read

Critics claim that Russia and Syria are targeting civilians with thermobaric 'vacuum' bombs.

Bombs leaving an aircraft

Who is winning the battle for the moral high ground in Syria?

08 September 2016 4 min read

The problem with Syria is that all sides have their own reasons for acting the way they do – and they all think they're right.

Syrians stood by crushed cars, covered in dust

Duterte's Obama insult was shameful - but the West has turned a blind eye to much, much worse

06 September 2016 4 min read

Insulting Barack Obama was just another PR disaster for a country already subject to lazy stereotypes.

Side by side images of President Obama and Duterte

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