A 3D animated render of a girl in an empty airport lobby, looking out of the window into a ruddy sunset with an aeroplane in the foreground

Graduate 2020 Showcase

Featured: 'Memories from Above' by Anna Tomatzidou

Our Animation degree course is accredited by the industry professional body JAMES (Joint Audio Media Education Services), giving our students the relevant technical, artistic and theoretical skills they need to work in the animation industry. As these showreels and short films demonstrate, our graduates have honed those skills deftly, creating striking 2D and 3D work and developing a rich sense of storytelling in the process.

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Anna Tomatzidou

Showreel | Memories from Above

Memories from Above is a film I directed for my major project, which is a mixture of 3D and 2D. It is a story of a strong bond between a father and a daughter. One day, the girl loses all her motivation to follow her goals because of a horrible incident and loss. Until one day, she finally stands of her feet because of a dream she had during her sleep.

I specialize in 3D Animation and Concept Art, which I love the most.

Watch Anna Tomatzidou's Animation 2020 showreel

Watch Anna Tomatzidou's short film, 'Memories from Above'

Zac Worcester

Showreel | Eyes on You

Watch Zac Worcester's Animation 2020 showreel

Watch Zac Worcester's short Animation film, 'Eyes on You'

Charlotte Vincent

Modelling Showreel: Doll's House

I really enjoy art as a whole – anything from sketching and painting to needle felting, to CG art, filmmaking and of course animation. This is the reasoning behind Animation Artist, as I feel this encompasses my skills, interests and desire for experimentation and creation. I will use any medium possible to tell stories and tales. 

Watch Charlotte Vincent's modelling showreel

Lara Burley

3D Modelling Showreel | Ceded Path

Over the course of the last three years I’ve specialised in 3D modelling and animation as well as After Effects compositing. All my skills were put to the test with the creation of my Graduate film Ceded Path. This film enabled me to work on all aspects of filmmaking, from concept and character design to production and compositing. It also gave me the ability to explore the artistic side of animation, allowing me to create the unique looking aesthetic I want to be able to show in my work.

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Watch Lara Burley's graduate 3D modelling showreel

Watch Lara Burley's graduate Animation film, 'Ceded Path'

Gareth Bird

Time Travel

Watch Gareth Bird's graduate Animation film, 'Time Travel'

Al Tayeb Elhillo

Showreel | Alienation

Watch Al Tayeb Elhillo's 2020 Animation showreel

Watch Al Tayeb Elhillo's 2020 short film, 'Alienation'

Cameron Samuel

Showreel | Short film

Watch Cameron Samuel's 2020 Animation 3D showreel

Watch Cameron Samuel's 2020 Animation short film

Charlotte Singleton

Showreel | Starch Wreck

Starch Wreck was inspired by my love of sci-fi – especially 1960s Star Trek – as well as Back to the Future and Rick and Morty. I love the retro-futuristic aesthetic of older sci-fi. I'm fascinated by what people of the past imagined the future might look like, so I also researched 1950s–1990s science fiction art (e.g. movie posters, books covers, paintings, production art). This helped to form the shape language of my film, adding that Star Trek-esque vibe to my environments and assets.

I love the vibrant colours and drawing style of Rick and Morty, especially the backgrounds of its alien worlds. Similarly, I considered the painted backgrounds and cool colours of Star Trek: The Animated Series. These helped me work out the overall colour palette of my film.

I observed the starship designs of both Star Trek and Star Wars, studying the work of Ralph McQuarry and others, to learn the shape language of space vessels and how I could incorporate that into my own designs.

Watch Charlotte Singleton's 2020 Animation 3D showreel

Watch Charlotte Singleton's 2020 short film, 'Starch Wreck'

Emem Mba

Showreel (featuring short film Roni's Fortune)

Roni’s Fortune is a film about a young gypsy girl named Roni, who performs in the streets with a crystal ball that creates audio-visual illusions depicting the location throughout time. She manipulates these illusions like samples, chopping and screwing them into music and taking bystanders on a brief musical journey throughout the history of their city.

Watch Emem Mba's 2020 Animation showreel

Jessica Mansell

Showreel | Last Man Standing

Watch Jessica Mansell's 2020 Animation showreel

Jessica Mansell's 2020 short film, 'Last Man Standing'

Jordan Stevens

Motion clip | MAJAN

Watch Jordan Steven's walk cycle animation segment

Watch Jordan Steven's 2020 short film, 'MAJAN'

Joshua Malungo

Showreel | Static

Watch Joshua Malungo's 2020 Animation showreel

Watch Joshua Malungo's 2020 Animation short film, 'Static'

Liam Prince

Showreel | Mind over Matter

My short film is about the ‘mind over matter’ and the challenges of racial abuse in modern day society through the eyes of a professional footballer.

Watch Liam Prince's 2020 Animation showreel

Watch Liam Prince's 2020 short film, 'Mind Over Matter'

Louiza Papapetrou

Motion clip | Akougomai

Watch Louiza Papapetrou's Animation clip

Watch Louiza Papapetrou's 2020 short film, 'Akougomai'

Moniche Stedford


Watch Moniche Stedford's 2020 Animation showreel

Thomas Tarry


Watch Thomas Tarry's 2020 3D showreel

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