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Graduate Show 2020 showcase

Featured: 'The Benefits of Shared Transport vs Personal Transport' by Daniel Cummins

Students on our Digital Media degree course enhance their creativity with the digital skills to bring them to life as digital designers or developers. They produce exciting experiences for web, mobile, virtual reality, game engines and emerging technologies – as our graduate Evangeline Papanicola explains in her story of studying BSc (Hons) Digital Media.

Watch Augustin Bartlett's final year project on 'Intimidation and Shame'

A dissertation project researching the importance of music videos for new artists. I decided to create an artefact for a local band based in Portsmouth called WEB. A Clock Work Orange, Sin City and Green Street inspired music video, attempting to put a comedic twist on football hooliganism.

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Watch Augustin Bartlett's Communication Design video, 'The Amur Leopard'

The topic for this assignment was "World Issues". I decided to create a motion graphic and infographic on the issue of Animal Extinction, more importantly the critically endangered Amur Leopard. This has been illustrated, animated and narrated by Augustin Bartlett.

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Watch Cameron Howson's Communication Design video, 'David Attenborough Motion Graphic'

A Motion graphic to enforce the strong words by David Attenborough, resources for the animation built in Adobe Illustrator and animated using After Effects.

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Watch Daniel Cummins' Communication Design video, 'The Benefits of Shared Transport vs Private Transport'

A short video infographic animation aimed at all ages explaining and detailing the benefits of using shared transportation over private transportation and the impact it may have on the environment and world resources.

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Watch Evangeline Papanicola's Communication Design video
Planting Trees to Tackle Climate Change

A motion graphic and infographic focused on planting trees to tackle climate change.

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