A computer game still of a derelict neon-lit street in the evening, with Chinese lanterns and rubbish blowing in the breeze

Graduate Show 2020 showcase

Featured: Showreel by Evelyn Mayhew

Our Games Technology and Enterprise degree courses lets students develop the experience and skills they need to work in the games industry and businesses using gaming technology such as simulation training, healthcare and web design. Our showcase gives you a taste of these technologies, with games exploring sensory impairment and VR technology. There's also a special feature from first-year student team The Incredibogs, who swept the awards boards at this year’s University GameJam – including Best Overall Game – with their title Brewstone.

To learn more about what makes our Games Technology and Enterprise degree courses so exciting, read the stories of BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology graduates Sarah Ryan and George Honeywell, and BSc (Hons) Computer Games Enterprise graduate Luke Fitzgerald.

Watch the 2020 student showreel
See some examples of the kind of work you'll be creating on this Computer Games Technology degree.

Watch demo of The Incredibogs' game 'Brewstone'

Brewstone is an action-platformer game by first-year BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology students Kian Bennett, Victoria Primmer, Elliot Jermy and Emily Everett. It was made in 4 days for University GameJam 2020, where it won the Best Design, Best Overall and People's Choice awards. It combines the themes of the abandoned village of Brockhampton, microbiologist Jillian Banfield and a 1999 Canadian curling tournament.

Download and play at itch.io.

Watch Mitchell Cheshire's character renders

These character models were completed for two separate units. The overall goal was to create a game ready character for use in games. One character is based on a Medic from World War 2 and the other is a bounty hunter inspired by Star Wars concepts. Programs used include Zbrush (sculpting), 3DS Max (unwrapping, retopology) and Substance Painter (textures). 

Watch Cameron Millar's demo for VR video game 'Paper Toss'

Watch Evelyn Mayhew's Computer Games 2020 showreel

Watch 'Hearbeat' ambulance driver video game promo

A marketing promotional video for an Ambulance Driver getaway game titled 'HeartBeat'.
Created by BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology graduates Conor Griffiths, Toby Laycock, Matthew Tamone, Oliver Plaatsman, Danny Stanley, Nitikoon 'Gear' Pingmuanglek, Filipe Da Silva, Alice Martin and Alexander Ewers.

Watch 'No E.V.I.L.' video game trailer

No E.V.I.L is a 2-player co-operative exploration puzzle game aiming to substitute impairment with empowerment. It was created by BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology graduates Sarah Ryan, Connor Shellis, George Mattingley, Jackson Allgrove and Antti Liakka. It wants players to support each other, discover together an untold story on a Celestial Comforts residential space station, and create their own path.

Watch Ollie Plaatsman's video game trailer 'Awaken Alone'

Watch Bethany White's Computer Games 2020 showreel

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