Television and Broadcasting showcase

The UK has one of the strongest TV industries in the world, making it the perfect place to study television and broadcasting.

Over the past few years, the medium has continued to grow with the introduction of online streaming platforms, which has sparked a demand for more and more content. This has allowed us to engage with these elements and given students a chance to develop a repertoire of Entertainment Shows, Factual Programmes, Documentaries, Technical Knowledge, Practical Skills, and develop an understanding of the industry they aspire to work in.

Our students create a regular show as part of their final year project, which engages with the civic and local community. Focusing on key stories and developing them into a regular magazine, which is aired live both online and on the big screen in Portsmouth. Using their knowledge of factual, our students find stories from real people and develop them into a show that is both informative and entertaining.

Students on the BSc (Hons) Television and Broadcasting course are encouraged to develop original programming formats through production of studio-based entertainment and Factual/Documentary, with a solid understanding of the process of broadcasting and the technical elements behind the scenes. Within the course, we pride ourselves on having a strong alumni network and industry connections, so that our students can better connect with the industry and utilise their skills in the real world.

As a staff team, we could not be prouder of how hard our students have worked. Despite all the stumbling blocks we've seen this year, our students have continued to produce television and shown the determination, creativity, and dedication expected from a broadcast crew. Congratulations to all of you.

Creative Writing showcase

Of all the art forms, writing is the cheapest, and the easiest to do by yourself.

Since March 2020, most of our creative writing teaching and learning has been done online. In terms of the work itself – the reading, the dreaming, the doodling; the plotting and planning, the crafting and drafting, the reflecting and reviewing: nothing has changed. 

The time to muse, like archetypal poets in our lonely attics: more than ever! The imagination needs no budget to have spectacular effects. 

But the loss of face-to-face, in-class physical contact was not so good. Being together in a room forges strong bonds and fires up the creative energy for everyone present. However, our graduates in the last couple of years – during this dreadful global crisis – had to dip more deeply into the inkwells of their own souls and drive their pens under their own momentum. It's amazing what they’ve created.

Whatever else hits the fan, let writing be your teacher and your classmate. Your exciting teacher, your calm friend; your strict teacher, your crazy friend. And it comes with a partner you can’t forget: reading. 

Reading is to writing what breathing in is to breathing out. At this time, the breathing in and out of literature is more important than ever. Fiction and nonfiction, poetry and film scripts have boomed in the pandemic; book sales are our bread and butter, so hopefully we will not go too hungry, either.

Heartfelt congratulations to the classes of 2020 and 2021. Your graduation may be virtual: but your talent is actual, your commitment is real and your achievement is truly impressive. We, the staff, take our hats off to you.

Eleanor Launchbury

The Dancer of Auschwitz

External Audio

GRADSHOW 2021 - Elaunchbury - The Dancer Of Auschwitz

Lisa Van Hees

Short story | 'Kore'