#CHWeekUoP21 Portsmouth Black History and Literary Creativity Map

CHWeekUoP21 Portsmouth Black History and Literary Creativity Map

  • 23 September 2021
  • 14:00 - 16:00
  • FREE
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#CHWeekUoP21 - two interesting talks about Portsmouth Black History and Portsmouth Literary Creativity Map.

Join UoP first Culture and Heritage Week, 20-24th September 2021.

Supported by the Democratic Citizenship Theme of the University of Portsmouth and all the stakeholders of its Culture and Heritage Hub, the first UoP Culture and Heritage Week will take place on 20-24th September 2021 and resonate with the UK Heritage Open Days 2021.

Our #CHWeekUoP21 will bring to life amazing scholarship for the people of Portsmouth, a Port city with a unique culture and heritage. In a civic partnership for a meaningful society, together we want to enrich the community through preservation, conservation, interpretation, and education to understand our present and build a common future.

“Whilst Culture and Heritage are at the heart of a modern democratic society, we aim to celebrate the world class research conducted by UoP Scholars in partnership with local, national and global actors.” -- Prof. Leïla Choukroune DC Theme Director

All the events throughout Culture and Heritage Week will be live streamed on Youtube here.

Event Description

You are cordially invited to join our webinar on Thursday 23 September 2:00-4:00pm for two very interesting talks about Portsmouth Black History and Portsmouth Literary Creativity Map.

University Heritage Allies: How the University of Portsmouth can play a part in building new local heritage identities

Dr Melanie Bassett (Research Fellow in Public Participation, SASHPL) will introduce the Portsmouth Black History project and explore ways in which the University of Portsmouth can build partnerships, engage with the local community, and help to empower new narratives within the local heritage landscape. During the talk she will trace some of the city's heritage tropes and explore lesser-known African and Caribbean links to the imperial city. She will also reflect on the project’s recent Knowledge Exchange event - Portsmouth Black History: Recovering untold stories for new generations.

Mapping and Promoting Portsmouth's Literary Creativity

Dr Maggie Bowers and Dr. Mark Frost from The Portsmouth Literary Map team will provide an overview of an exciting community engagement project being undertaken by staff in the English Literature team at University of Portsmouth, and outline some of its exciting recent activities.

The first half of the presentation will introduce you to the interactive map platform and its accompanying blog, Writing Literary Portsmouth, and outline the ways that the map engages with Portsmouth's Black History and the lives of its diverse communities.

The second half will be the launch of the new Writing literary Portsmouth video, showcasing the work of key local writers. Via the video, the writers will introduce themselves, the inspiration they gain from Portsmouth and read an extract of their work.

Date: Thursday | 23 September 2021

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Online Event

(Full joining instructions and the webinar link will be sent to you by email near the time.)

Event etiquette:

  • Join the event in a quiet space wherever possible - this will help reduce background noise.
  • Make sure you’re on time. You might not disrupt the presentation by logging in late, but you could miss important information.
  • Please use the Chat section to post your questions during the Q&A session.
  • Your mic will be muted upon entry. Please keep your mic on mute throughout the event unless you’re speaking.
  • The event will be video recorded. Unless you are a panelist, please turn off your webcam/video at all times to avoid appearing on other people’s screens and on the recording.

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