Delegation and Empowerment Techniques in the Workplace

1 Jun 2023

12.00pm - 1.00pm



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Mastering the ability to delegate will help you manage your time and consequently give you more freedom to focus on your own work priorities. However, delegation isn't just about making your workload lighter by giving tasks to others. It's also about empowering employees to take full responsibility for key duties. Delegation is as important for business owners, self-employed people, as it is for employees (whether managers or not) in an organisation. All too, a business owner tries to take on everything. Do the bookkeeping, handle the invoicing, and deal with legal/regulatory requirements. If you’re one of those people stop doing it!!! You are not being productive.

So who needs to delegate? The short answer is everyone. Why delegate?. It ensures that a lot more gets done than what you are capable of doing on your own, increasing your productivity. Many business owners, managers tend to micro-manage and seem to think that they can do tasks better AND faster than anybody else. This is a complete fallacy.

Learning outcomes

  1. Discover your leadership style.
  2. Define delegation
  3. Identify the key principles of delegation
  4. Identify what tasks can be delegated and to whom.
  5. Discuss the delegation process
  6. Identify the essential elements of successful empowerment.