Naval History & History Research Seminar: ‘“Officers of the society”

14 Dec 2022

4.00pm - 5.00pm

Milldam Building LE1.03 (Hybrid), Burnaby Road, Portsmouth, PO1 3AS


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Join us for a research paper by Corey Watson (University of Portsmouth)

‘“Officers of the society”: Lloyd’s Register surveyors in China and transnational maritime networks, 1869-1918.'

In 1869, a Lloyd’s Register ship and engineer Surveyor was for the first time posted to Shanghai, China. The surveyor, Joseph John Tucker, upon arriving in Shanghai marked the beginning of a rapid and global expansion of the Lloyd’s Register Society’s influence. By the end of the First World War the society had hundreds of surveyors in post across all five continents. These marine surveyors played important roles in facilitating the ever-expanding networks of maritime knowledge, trade, and migration that increasingly connected the late 19th century world. This paper will draw on the concept of ‘new imperial history’ to investigate how these imperial maritime networks of knowledge functioned by analysing the lived experiences of these Lloyd’s Register surveyors.

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