Reflective Practice is your Key to Success

21 Feb 2023

12.00pm - 1.00pm



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How frequently do you find yourself mentally going over a day's events? Whether it's replaying a discussion to process what was said, pondering the events that lead to a particular conclusion, or reflecting on your feelings or reactions at a particular moment in time. At this level, we are accustomed to the concept of self-reflection. Reflective Practice enables clearer thinking, and reduces our tendencies towards emotional bias.

Reflective Practice is a theory by which modern and traditional self-improvement ideas can be more clearly defined, refined, modified, and applied, for the purposes of both personal and professional development. The process of Reflective Practice has many advantages. It means, as a professional, you are staying current with the latest thinking and methodologies. Reflection also helps to develop emotional intelligence, particularly if we reflect on feelings, responses and behaviours. Finally, improvement requires contemplation.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the role of reflective practice in the workplace.
  2. Recognise models of reflective practice.
  3. Reviewing ‘Reflection-in-action’ and ‘Reflection-on-action.
  4. Identify the difference between reflection, analysis and description
  5. Identify effective language or reflective practice.
  6. Discuss Gonzo journalism and reflective writing.
  7. Apply reflective practice tools to a work-based or personal problem.

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