Research Futures: Women at Work: Pathways for Dignity and Resilience

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Join the 24th session in the University of Portsmouth's Interdisciplinary Webinar Series, chaired by  Leïla Choukroune, Professor of International Law and Director of the University of Portsmouth Thematic Area in Democratic Citizenship, and presented by Dr. Sutirtha Sahariah, Head of Communications and Senior VP at Sulabh International Social Service Organisation.

Based on years of journalism and research on issues of gender, work and human trafficking, the webinar will reflect on how income adds to women’s dignity and can help shape resilience. The webinar will draw largely from the experiences of women working in Nepal’s informal entertainment industry to demonstrate how income adds to women’s dignity and the pathways through which they can build resilience by being part of women's collective or peer networks. It will also throw light on how flawed government policies in India derail the road to equality for India’s women farmers and how host of social barriers to work, including ingrained notions of what women can do can reduce the women labour force participation in India.

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