Retaining Millennials & Gen Z in the Workplace

24 Jan 2023

12.00pm - 1.00pm



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Unfortunately, Millennials & Gen Z have been stereotyped — rightly or wrongly —as lazy, entitled, self-centred, an aversion to autocratic leadership styles and job hoppers, since millennials change jobs more often that other generations. Sadly, these presumptions lead to unfavourable prejudices. However, maybe they are just strengths in disguise and cast a shadow on how Millennials & Gen Z are revolutionising work culture.

They now comprise a significant portion of the workforce. They do tend to have different work desires and behaviours from previous generations. Employers need to have a better understanding of what Millennials & Gen Z expect from their organizations. As high turnover, is costly to any organisation.

This session is designed to inform you of the difficulties and strengths that comes from having a multi-generational workforce. The disconnect between the individuals and their organisations is all about communication; effectively both sides want the same thing but they describe the outcomes very differently.

Learning outcomes

  • The basics of effective communication.
  • Discuss the characteristics (and approach to work) of different generations in the workplace.
  • What’s uniquely important to Millennials
  • Learn some simple techniques to leverage their strengths to build your competitive advantage.
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