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Not able to conduct proper oversight of your clinical trials due to COVID-19? Tired of spending half your trial budget on CRA travel expenses? Worried about nurses exposing you to a costly GDPR lawsuit through poorly-applied masking tape?

DynamX Medical have got you covered with Redactall – their simple, easy-to-use tool for remote source data verification.

This webinar will introduce SMEs to DynamX Medical's Redactall service which enables you to set up studies and trial sites on, request documents & patient information that you need for remote source data verification, invite your nurses and site administrators to download the free Redactall app so they can send you the data you need to manage your trial. Using the app, they’ll be able to see what information you’ve requested, scan the documents & pages you need, then redact any sensitive or identifying information right in the app before uploading.

Workshop Convenor

This workshop will be led by Dr Liberty Foreman, CEO at DynamX Medical. Liberty has a PhD from UCL in clinical data analytics. During her research she developed the algorithm behind the BeamLine system.

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