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The invention and development of prosthetics has progressed dramatically in recent years, opening the door to a new world of possibilities – and accompanying challenges - for amputees. Research into robotics, 3D printing, AI-driven design and new, smart materials are all being pursued in order to meet the needs of the next generation of prostheses. This free online event will explore the latest challenges in prosthetics design, implementation, and post-prosthetic surgery rehabilitation, outlining the ways in which world-leading research is moving towards solutions in a number of areas. You'll hear perspectives on these challenges from patients, surgeons, academics and industry experts. We invite you to attend and explore the possible solutions with us.

Webinar Hosts

FortisNet - The University of Southampton's FortisNet is an interdisciplinary network of clinical, academic and industrial partners that aims to develop research, products and services that will to transform musculoskeletal health. With expertise in regenerative medicine, engineering, orthopaedics, prosthetics and orthotics, rehabilitation and assistive technologies, epidemiology and clinical trial design, FortisNet aims to improve lives by delivering better treatments, increasing the speed to market of musculoskeletal focused technology and training the next generation of scientists and engineers. FortisNet is hosted by the Institute for Life Sciences:

SIGHT - SIGHT (Supporting Innovation and Growth in Healthcare Technologies) is an ERDF-funded business support project led by the University of Portsmouth in conjunction with the Wessex CRN and Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust, designed to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs in the healthcare sector. The programme provides SMEs with the insight and specific evidence required to ensure their products meet real, identified market needs along with the necessary guidance and support to enter and expand in new healthcare markets.

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