SIGHT: The Application of Multimodal AI in Healthcare: Platform

SIGHT The Application of Multimodal AI in Healthcare Jivaai Platform

  • 23 June 2021
  • 14:00 - 15:00
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Dr Manish Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of Jiva, will discuss the application of multimodal AI in healthcare, using Platform's example

The application of AI in healthcare, and beyond, is "unimodal"; in other words we tend to look at single verticals for creating predictions whereas most of the systems we try to model are highly complex. How then do we go about creating multimodal AI models? In this brief presentation Manish from will discuss what multimodality means, it's power and promise, and how Jiva as a platform enables multimodal AI capabilities for clinicians, data scientists and researchers alike.


Jiva is the world's first multimodal AI platform. It has developed next generation machine learning in AI, helping its users to create, modify, enrich, store and deploy scalable multimodal systems. Jiva first targets healthcare, which aligns strongly with the founding teams' background as well as current events, in a market that is estimated to grow to $62B by 2027.

Dr Manish Patel, Co-Founder & CEO of

My early academic career coincided with the completion of the human genome project and so I pursued the natural path of progression into bioinformatics and systems biology where I invented the seed of what is now the algorithmic fundamentals of what we use in Jiva. At doctoral level I explored the requirement for model integration in simulations of cancer - the idea that models that represent different parts of a system need to be integrated together to create bigger, better and more predictive simulations.

I have spent almost 10 years in investment banks and hedge funds building complex data systems, coding fast algorithmic trading engines and managing large international teams of developers.

I am also a determined entrepreneur, having started two other tech startups in hospitality and software engineering, as well as joining Cupris Health - a medical device startup - as their CTO where I built the entire software infrastructure from first principles.

At Jiva I am responsible for all core development and technical progress of our algorithmic solutions to the disease areas we have targeted, as well as leading regulatory alignment to ensure correct certification in multiple jurisdictions. I am also responsible for leading the team through this funding round and providing the leadership required to steer the company towards commercial viability.

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