The Basics of Writing - How to Write a Questionnaire

The Basics of Writing - How to Write a Questionnaire

  • 30 June 2022
  • 12:00 - 13:00
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This is a series of basic writing skills workshops to help you write more coherently and professionally

On the face of it, asking people what they think about something makes a lot of sense. It is a way to gain information from a range of respondents and the resulting data can be very useful to the average project.

However, what if we do not gain all that we hoped we would get from the survey? What if we asked questions in the hope of full and frank answers and all we received were monosyllabic responses? Or the replies were about something other than the topic requested? Would this information be useful to us?

Writing a questionnaire takes thought, planning and insight. Working with people also presents ethical dilemmas, which cannot be ignored. In short, taking the plunge and using a questionnaire to survey for information can be fraught with unforeseen complications.

Join Penny Legg 23rd June at Noon GMT. Penny is an Author, Publisher, Businesswoman and Professional Speaker. She has worked with writers at all stages of their careers, across business, academic, general non-fiction and fiction genres.   This brief foray into the world of the questionnaire will help if you are thinking about using one for your project.

In this 60-minute webinar Penny will be sharing:

    1. Discussing ethical considerations
    2. Planning your questionnaire
    3. Sampling
    4. The types of questions to include

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