Train the Trainer

7 Mar 2023

12.00pm - 1.30pm



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If you are a trainer, the question I have for you is this…

Do you always provide an amazing training experience – the kind that captures your trainees and makes them want to come back for more… every single time? If yes brilliant, if no, that means there is always room for you learning knew techniques that work. How do I know? Because I’ve been there, thinking that I knew everything about delivering the perfect session. How wrong was I, you can’t learn all of the skills you need in one go, it takes time, practice and constant learning to get to the stage of delivering an amazing training experience every single time.

I attended numerous training sessions, read book after book, studied trainers online, as I wanted to know what the best trainers were doing, what that made them so good. At the time was also training people to become teachers, so I wanted to know the golden secrets on how to become that amazing trainer/teacher for my own students. I tried out all the techniques, found out which worked and didn’t and then I perfected the most successful ones.

In this course I am going to teach the golden secrets and the skills to perfect your delivery, so that you get those top evaluation scores, and more importantly that your training becomes one that everyone wants to attend.

Learning outcomes

  1. How to immediately hook your trainees, even if they don’t think that they want to learn.
  2. How to appear calm and confident while you teach, and why that’s so important for your trainees.
  3. Discover a method to get “buy in” from even the most reluctant and challenging trainees.
  4. How to address all 4 learning styles simultaneously in your session.
  5. Discuss the top 3 ways to keep trainees attention every minute of the day, regardless of the topic you teach.
  6. Understand the 7 common mistakes associated with the use of visual aids and the 8 steps to be sure you get it right.
  7. Learn the questioning techniques that keeps trainees engaged and exactly how and when to execute them.
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