2020 University GameJam design – Year of the Rat

Running since 2009, University GameJam is an annual week-long event where teams of staff, students, alumni and professionals form teams and make video games from scratch within a set period.

Unlike other gamejams, ours lasts a week during normal office hours. It has taken place both nationally and internationally, with events in China, USA and Europe.

University GameJam marked its 11th anniversary in 2019, where roughly 130 participants produced over 30 games.

In 2020, for the first time, it went completely online due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can watch the stream on Twitch.

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If you're taking part, you can download the University GameJam logos to use in your games.


  • Best Adaptation of the Theme: Team Long Neck Fellas (Honourable Mention: Squadward)
  • Best Use of Technology: Teamimuz (Honourable Mention: Team Firewire)
  • Best Engagement with Themes of Diversity and Inclusivity: Team Penhale Games (Honourable Mention: Infinite Vertex and Squadward)
  • Most Ambitious Idea: Remote Tarantulas (Honourable Mention: Ubihard)
  • Best Looking Game: Eldritch Screaming
  • Best Audio: Numbskull Studios
  • Best Game Design: Incredibogs
  • Best Overall Game Joint Winners: Incredibogs, Eldritch Screaming (Honourable Mention: Burgundy Moonlight)
  • People's Choice: Incredibogs
  • Most Helpful Person: Joe Shanahan


  • Best Adaptation of the Theme(s) - Team Horsehead
  • Best Use of Technology - Fireforge
  • Most Ambitious Idea - Chum Labs
  • Best Overall - Nutz & Voltz
  • Best Looking Game - Nutz & Voltz
  • Best Audio - The Spirit of Game Jam (Staff Team)
  • Best Design - Coppertop Games
  • People's Choice - Nutz & Voltz


  • Yelapa: [Mexico]
  • Vernon Meredith Geddy
  • Lillian B Horace

  • Best Overall Game – Burning Cord
  • Best Adaptation of the Theme(s) – Tuna Maki
  • Best Use of Technology – Can't D-Cide
  • Most Ambitious Idea – Soft Cherry Supreme
  • Best Looking Game; People's Choice – Lucy & The Bears
  • Best Audio – UnD-Cided
  • Engagement with Diversity – Devil May Meme
  • Most Helpful Individual – Oliver Thauere


  • D-Side (Irish boyband)
  • David L. Levy (children's activist)
  • Pillassery (Keralan village)


  • 2009 Wimbledon Women's Singles Championships
  • Shire of Quilpie
  • Hydrophilus Picicornis

  • Best Overall Game; People's Choice; Most Complete Game – Team Horsehead
  • Best Adaptation of the Theme(s); Most Original Design – Team Table
  • Most Technically Advanced Game – Team Heealbi (Fareham College)
  • Best-Looking Game – Team Bear
  • Best Gameplay Experience – Firewire Studios
  • Best Sound; Best Animation – The Master Boaters
  • Best Dressed Team – No Eye Deer
  • Pathologic Award for Most Hopelessly Ambitious Game – Team Chinese Lightning
  • Most Helpful Team/Individual – Matt Burrows


  • Canadian Masterchef [a list of episode names]
  • Water jousting
  • Sickle cell anaemia

  • Best Overall Game – Massive Monster
  • Best Animation; People's Choice; Most Technically Advanced Game; Best Sound – The GameJam Goblins
  • Best Adaptation of the Theme(s) – Valiant Games
  • Best-Looking Game – Team Kebab
  • Best Dressed Team – Awesome Team Nam
  • Pathological Award for Most Hopelessly Ambitious Game – Undersea Jam
  • Most Original Design – Conor Vernon
  • Most Helpful Team/Individual – Matt Burrows


  • The Hawaiian Hoary Bat
  • Whale Horse (Chicagoan rock/post-punk band)
  • Henri Louis (Prince of Guéméné)

  • Best Overall Game; People's Choice – Team Megacake
  • Best-Looking Game; Most Helpful Team – Team Hotstuff
  • Best Animation – Team Mice in Shining Armour
  • Best Use of the Theme – Team Brazil
  • Best Sound – Team Kebab
  • Best Dressed Team – Team Squabble
  • Most Technically Advanced Game – Team Neil: Dr Neil Dansey
  • Pathologically Hopelessly Ambitious Game – Team Suicide Burn
  • Most Original Design – Team Robo: Ollie Carden

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