Read the latest news from the University, from student success stories and alumni achievements to research breakthroughs across our 5 faculties.

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Read the latest news from the University, from student success stories and alumni achievements to research breakthroughs across our 5 faculties.

16 articles found

The Psychological Science of Better Evidence Gathering We're Helping Police to Better Capture Evidence By Understanding How Stress Affects Memory

19 July 2019 4 min read

Prof Lorraine Hope is researching how memory performs in dynamic, high-stress situations, so the emergency services can improve the way they gather evidence, and the quality of it too. Find out more now.

Back of male police officer in vest

The science behind 'puppy dog eyes' New research shows how dogs have evolved to better communicate with humans

18 June 2019 4 min read

New research, led by comparative psychologist Dr Juliane Kaminski at the University of Portsmouth, has revealed the evolutionary story behind the adorable look dogs give their owners, known as 'puppy dog eyes'. Read more about this eye-opening research here.

Puppy with puppy dog eyes

Crime fighting just got easier as burglars reveal all

20 May 2019 4 min read

The expertise of experienced burglars puts them streets ahead of householders, and even well ahead of other criminals, according to a new study led by Dr Claire Nee.

Woman in lab coat and blue gloves examining finger print on computer screen

Research helps people on autism spectrum find meaningful work

11 April 2019 3 min read

Autism research has been used to set up the first free employment profiling service to help more people on the autistic spectrum find meaningful work.

Male student reading in library

Worlds smallest bears facial expressions throw doubt on human superiority

21 March 2019 6 min read

The world’s smallest bears can mimic another bear’s facial expressions, casting doubt on primates’ supremacy at this form of communication. Read more today.

Small bear stood on hind legs

How Virtual Reality Could Help Cut Crime We're Using VR and Working With Ex-Offenders to Help Prevent Crime

17 January 2019 8 min read

Dr Claire Nee is using virtual reality to understand the behaviours, thought patterns and emotions of burglars, with the aim of reducing crime, and rehabilitating criminals. Find out more now.

Crime scene yellow tape

Great ape study nominated for breakthrough study award

28 November 2017 1 min read

Great ape species study involving researchers from the University of Portsmouth nominated for ‘Breakthrough study of the year’ by Science magazine.

New great ape species discovered in Indonesia

22 November 2017 4 min read

A new great ape species has been discovered in Indonesia’s upland forests by an international team of researchers. Read more today.

Selenium might hold key to mystery of crib-biting in horses

14 November 2017 3 min read

Crib-biting in horses – a distressing compulsive disorder – might be related to a lack of trace element selenium in their diets, according to new research.

New book aims to improve childrens motivation and achievement

08 November 2017 3 min read

Our researchers have produced a new children’s book that uses innovative research to raise pupils’ motivation and achievement. Read more today.

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