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Different things in our lives can impact our mental health in different ways. In this episode, current students Andrew and Tia discuss the ways that relationships, personal circumstances and education can affect our mental health and wellness.

‘Mental health’ doesn’t always mean diagnosed or long-term conditions, sometimes you might experience poor mental health just for a short time. For example, feeling stressed during exam periods or feeling really low during a break-up. 

Andrew and Tia stress the importance of checking in with yourself regularly and promoting your own mental wellness. As well as discussing possible activities and interventions individuals can try themselves, the students also explore the various ways a young person can receive support if they are struggling to maintain their mental health.

The From Our Experience series has been part funded by the Southern Universities Network (SUN). The Southern Universities Network is a collaborative partnership comprising universities, local authorities, colleges and schools in Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight. The SUN provides higher education activities to select schools and colleges as part of the Uni Connect Programme, an Office for Students-funded initiative.

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