36 min listen

In this special new series of Life Solved, we explore the trends, changes and innovations that are taking place in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Across 5 episodes, find out how life is changing for all of us, and University of Portsmouth researchers share their findings, ideas and observations on what a post-Covid future might look like.

In our first episode, we explore how the education and future opportunities of young people have been impacted by the pandemic, and discuss what we can learn to better support them in the future.

We hear from secondary school students Blake, Tom and Snick, on how their GCSEs and international GCSE studies were affected. They share their thoughts on studying and socialising during a pandemic, as well as their hopes for the future.

University of Portsmouth student Serena tells us about her experience of starting university during lockdown, and how she balanced her sporting career with remote study and building new friendships away from home.

And University of Portsmouth academics share their expert insight into the conditions.

Dr Emma Maynard, a Child Psychologist and Senior Lecturer is joined by Dr Simon Edwards, a Senior Lecturer in Youth Studies, to celebrate the resilience of the young during challenging conditions, and to discuss how families and mental health interact with education.

Also looking to the future, Head of the School of Education and Sociology Dr Catherine Carroll-Meehan looks at wellbeing in an education context and alternative approaches in supporting individual development.