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Dr Julia Brown discusses her research into giving water access to whole populations

  • 01 September 2020
  • 15 min listen

It's a basic human need. But for some, clean water is not a given.

Sometimes it seems we've no shortage of rain here in the UK and it's easy to take for granted but, Dr. Julia Brown has been looking at why in some countries access to water can make all the difference to socioeconomic mobility. She explains how the rich can monopolise this vital resource where it is scarce. Her research has been looking at ways to work within different cultures to give water access to whole populations. Julia says she's trying to make the maintenance of water supply facilities a priority.

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Most of my work has been about rural water management. So when you're working in rural sub-saharan Africa, that is where the highest levels of poverty really are. So it's linking poverty to access to water.

Dr Julia Brown, Senior Lecturer

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