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H's Master's gave them the freedom to become a confident designer

I wanted to do a postgrad to develop further creative skills and broaden my prospects in the creative industry. I completed my undergraduate degree in Illustration at the University of Portsmouth and loved being by the sea, so I stayed on at Portsmouth because I knew the environment and staff well.

What's special about the MA Graphic Design course is I was able to join it despite doing a different undergraduate degree – and then learn how to apply and develop skills from my undergraduate further. As a result of the course, I've developed an interest and passion for typography – whether this be digital or letterpress – and used equipment, such as the Risograph machine, that I hadn’t used before. The course has given me the freedom to explore various topics in ways I don't feel is available at other universities, and this has developed my skills to further become a more well-rounded designer. 

During the pandemic I was furloughed, so I filled my time exploring digital art and creating illustrations in Procreate. When I'm not researching or designing for my course, I practice Procreate as much as I can to further develop my digital drawing skills, as well as relaxing watching my favourite TV shows such as Doctor Who and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I'm also starting to dabble in animations again, which I haven't done for a few years.

While studying at Portsmouth, I've learnt to never be afraid to ask questions or ask for help, that there's always something new to learn and to keep pushing myself to develop more skills and execute tasks with confidence. I've also developed my people skills and confidence in my work and skill set. My goal moving forward is to achieve the highest grade I can, which will then hopefully help me to get a career in the creative industry, possibly designing merchandise and promotional material for musicians.

My advice for anyone thinking of studying at Portsmouth is to be open to new ideas and ways of thinking. It will help you creatively in the long run. Most importantly, have fun with your work and enjoy what you're doing.

The University of Portsmouth has helped me to get where I am now by offering a wide range of facilities that enable me to work in a variety of ways and develop my working processes further.

H Plane, MA Graphic Design

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