image of bottle of Vodka made by University of Portsmouth scientists using crops from Chernobyl

6 March 2020

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The University of Portsmouth has organised exciting and free events as part of British Science Week, an annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths from 6 to 15 March.

The events taking place during the week are:

How to solve the problem of microplastics in the aquatic ecosystem

Wednesday 11 March at 6pm in the University’s Portland Building.

This free public lecture by Serena Cunsolo, a PhD Researcher, is organised in collaboration with the Royal Geographical Society.

Serena Cunsolo has been researching plastic pollution in the aquatic ecosystems since 2015, when she joined The Ocean Cleanup Foundation. Her research focuses on wastewater treatment plants, one of the major sources of microplastic pollution. Serena aims to evaluate the fate of microplastics as they pass through this treatment process, with a view to promoting innovative technologies that safeguard the aquatic environment.

Admission is free, but please book a place on Eventbrite

Personal transportation in the low carbon age

 Wednesday 11 March at 7pm in the University’s Portland Building.

A free public lecture by James Turner, Professor of Engines and Energy Systems at the University of Bath.

Society has become used to the fact that personal transportation is really affordable. Over the past 130 years this situation has arisen with no stimulus from government because of the favourable economics that have evolved. However, the use of fossil fuels to power transportation rightly means that action has to be taken if we are to avoid climate change.

This lecture discusses the scale of the challenge, some of the alternatives to the incumbent technology, whether these are practical to implement within the economic model, and postulates an alternative scenario which will also allow de-carbonisation of petrochemicals and other transport modes. The conclusion reached, however, may not be entirely in line with current policy.

This is a joint lecture with IET Solent Young Professionals. Admission is free, but please book a place on Eventbrite

Chernobyl: Science, Society …and Vodka

Thursday 12 March at 6pm in the University’s Portland Building.

In his free public lecture programme, Professor Jim Smith will discuss the health and environmental risks of radioactivity and how the media influence our perception of these risks.

Myths surrounding the health consequences of Chernobyl have contributed to ongoing problems in recovery of affected populations. Professor Smith will discuss the work he is doing in Ukraine to address these issues and the ATOMIK vodka project; a radioactive-free vodka produced from crops in Chernobyl’s abandoned zone.

Admission is free, but please book your place on Eventbrite