The University of Portsmouth has become one of the first Higher Education providers to develop a Master’s Degree Apprenticeship in Journalism to train the “newsroom leaders of tomorrow”.

The School of Film Media and Communication, which already runs an National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) award-winning undergraduate degree, has launched an MA Journalism (DA) course, which will run from January 2022.

It aims to turn the new generation of junior journalists into senior editorial managers, with a mix of practical skills, professional application and a wider awareness of the role of journalism in society.

The programme will be delivered online once a week for 18 months, offering flexibility for both the employer and apprentice.

At the end of the programme, apprentices will aim to pass three qualifications: 

  • Level 6 National Qualification in Journalism, also known as the ‘senior journalist’ examination 
  • Level 7 Master’s in Journalism
  • Level 7 Senior journalist apprenticeship 

Paul Foster, lecturer in journalism at the University of Portsmouth, said: “Achieving three qualifications in one programme presents an amazing opportunity for apprentices.

“They will receive expert support, training and guidance as they aim to become senior journalists and, at the same time, they will be able to complete credits towards a Master’s degree.

“We believe this apprenticeship can be a great way for employers to attract - and retain - new talent.”

The Level 7 Senior Journalist Apprenticeship, which was approved earlier this year, has been developed by the NCTJ alongside major news employers. 

We believe this apprenticeship can be a great way for employers to attract - and retain - new talent

Paul Foster, Lecturer, School of Film, Media and Communication

It works as a natural progression for those who complete the Level 5 Junior Journalist Apprenticeship. Employers can also recruit apprentices or look for candidates within their existing workforce. 

The apprenticeship is not just aimed at journalists, any organisation with a communications department can take part in the programme as journalism skills are highly transferable, with apprentices learning how to produce engaging content, build an online audience, and think strategically.

Alongside the apprenticeship, the University will also be running an online MA Journalism, which will begin in September 2022. 

For more information, contact Paul Foster by emailing: